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Netgear WiFi Router Setup Troubleshooting Tips

WiFi router is a network device that helps internet devices like computers, laptops, or phones use internet service. There many companies that distribute routers worldwide, one of the top most router brands is Netgear. This brand also provides extenders, boosters, and modems to the users.

The Netgear WiFi devices are so simple to install in your home and easy to connect with. You just have to connect the router to your modem or ISP server and adjust the settings to use its full potential. This is how you can complete the Netgear router setup.

But, it is a technology that can trouble you with some of the serious security problems related to the router, if you didn’t set it up correctly. In this article, we will provide with troubleshooting tips that help you to install a Netgear router in your home.

You just have to simply follow and apply these below written tips to install router and dispel any technical issues, if you face any, while doing Netgear WiFi router setup.

Troubleshooting Tips- Netgear WiFi Router Setup

Let’s start this full of troubleshooting tips article without any wasting any more time. Simply, follow tips related to the router’s hardware and connections first.

Don’t Pick WiFi Interruption Spot

Never choose a location for the Netgear router to connect and start the internet services close to the network interruption devices. Electronic devices which use electromagnetic waves can cause these interruptions to WiFi signals.

So, pick that spot in your home, which is far away from the concrete walls and electronic device to dispel the network interruptions.

Use Correct Connection Pattern

You have to connect your router to the modem via Ethernet cable. It is important connection, because modem sends physical signals to the router. You should use the correct pattern to link both the network devices. The pattern is WAN port of the router and LAN port of the modem.

Don’t Use Damaged Cables

Make sure, you are not using the damaged cables (Ethernet cable and power cord) in to the Netgear WiFi router setup network. If you find any damaged cable, then replace it with a new one with wasting any second.

These are the Netgear WiFi router hardware setup and connections in your home. Now, let’s see some tips related to the web interface that is an important part of the Netgear WiFi router setup.

Access with Only Wired Links

You should use only the wired connections like computer or laptop to log in to the web interface of the Netgear network device. You have to just use the LAN cable to connect the router to your computer easily. Don’t use phones or tablets to get access the router’s interface.

Use Updated Internet Browser

You must use up-to-date web browser to log into the Netgear router interface. To upgrade your browser, just go to the Settings of the browser, then select About and click Update button.

Change Admin Password After First Login

You have to change the password of the admin user after logging in to the interface first time to adjust settings. To add a new password, go to the Settings on the dashboard> select admin user> add a new password. Then save it by clicking to the SAVE button on the computer screen.

Ending Paragraph

We have reached at the end of the article, which provided Netgear WiFi router setup troubleshooting tips. It included hardware setup tips and Netgear router setup page interface tips. We are assuming that you have read out all the above written troubleshooting tips and made your mind to check your newly installed router again.

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