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How To Write a Resume for a Registered Nurse

Resume writing needs mastery. Whether you are writing a CV for a lecturer or a registered nurse, you must put all your effort and energy into bringing their potential on paper. Almost all white-collar jobs require this formality.

You cannot skip this. Well, crafting a wonderful resume demands extraordinary research skills. You have to dig deep into the field to understand the profession and its role. Here, we have shared some resume-writing steps for the RN (Registered Nurse) position with you.

Steps For Resume Writing of a Registered Nurse (RN)

Step1: Create a Wholesome Resume

First, you need to create a wholesome CV. You must be thinking what it is for. It is to assist you when you have to apply for specific job roles and save time. If you do this step successfully, then you won’t need the help of a nurse resume writer. You will develop the job-specific CV yourself.

Step 2: Decide the Structure of the Resume

Next, you have to decide the structure of your resume. You have to search for good templates suitable to your profession. It must be clutter-free, well-organized, and display the credentials aptly. So, ensure that whatever structure you decide on is clear and appealing.

Step 3: Write Your Summary

After deciding on a structure, develop a professional personal summary. It is a brief introduction in your CV that talks about yourself. It shouldn’t be more than 100 words. Also, you can write it by describing your qualifications, experience, or your skills and abilities. It’s totally up to you.

Step 4: Mention Your Key Skills and Achievements

Next, you have to write about your skills and achievements. For example, in this step, you need to highlight some of your job-relevant skills and achievements. You are supposed to write this section carefully because it impresses your employers. So, mention which is worth mentioning. You must not overstuff information in this section.

Step 5: Write Your Experience

Without experience or some kind of field-related work, the resume is incomplete. In this step, you have to showcase your employment history. If you are an experienced RN and have worked in multiple hospitals with various communities and on different designations, you have to write in here.

Step 6: Mention Your Qualification

In this section, you have to mention your academic qualifications or education. What you are supposed to do is write all of your qualifications in bullets including dates, name of institution and grades if any. However, if you have been a recently qualified nurse then skip mentioning every detail, this will save you space for other things.

Step 7: Write Your Professional Training and Activities

This is the most important part of the resume writing process. You have to list down your professional pieces of training and activities carefully. In this, you can mention your additional courses, workshops you have attended, and any type of volunteering related to nursing. Also, you can highlight the activities which you were part of, like publications, serving in a healthcare NGO or first aid helper etc.

Step 8: Mention Any Additional Information

If you are still left with the space, use it in your favor. Add some additional information about you. Like, mention your hobbies or interests in it. Do not write about such hobbies or interests that are irrelevant and informal. You can write about your interest in language learning, publishing articles, self-upgradation etc.

Step 9: Write References

In this step, you have to write references, probably one or two with their contact details, designation, employment status etc. However, if you don’t have referees, then avoid writing this section.  

Step 10: Vocabulary Check

Resume writing is different from other forms of writing based on vocabulary, particularly sentence structure. So, while crafting a CV you have to ensure that you must use action words. The usage of action words will bring your CV to life.

Step 11:  Proofread Your Resume

Proofreading any type of write-up is necessary. However, when you are writing a resume, it’s a must. You can also hire any resume writing agency Canada to help review your resume because it is the first step to your career development. Further, you can check these pointers yourself while proofreading your CV.

  • Your Resume Length
  • Its Layout
  • Tailored It According to The Job Role
  • Review It Two Times and Get It Reviewed by Others
  • Usage Of Action Words

Step 12: Forward in PDF Format

If the employer has given a specified format, send your resume in the mentioned format. Otherwise, transfer your CV in PDF format because this will keep your layout or design as it is.

FAQs Writing a Resume for a Registered Nurse

What are the three dos in resume writing?

  • Write a professional personal summary
  • Use action words in your resume
  • Proofread your resume thoroughly

What makes a good resume in 2024?

  • It should be a one-pager
  • Information given should be in bullets
  • It should be concise
  • It shouldn’t have lengthy sentences
  • It should be simple and appealing

Which is the best format for a CV?

The chronological format is the most recommended and best format for CV development.

Is there a need for an address and contact number on your resume?

Yes, it is required to have an address and contact number on your CV.

How many pages are required for a resume?

CV length varies according to the experience and requirements of the organization. However, it is recommended for a beginner to have a two-pager CV; for an experienced, it could exceed eight pages as well.

Wrap Up!

Well, developing a stand-out resume is not a piece of cake. It took skills and practice. However, by following these steps you will be able to create a perfect resume. These will not only help you get more interviews but also help you land the job of your choice. If you keep all the technicalities and suggestions in view, you will surely develop a worthy enough resume.

Employers always see how you have summarized yourself in a two-page document. So, if you master portraying yourself effectively, success will automatically reach you.

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